The characteristics of the board and your benefits.

* low standing platform, thus you are energy-saving or faster on the way. You stand 2 1/2’’ (62mm) over the ground on the rolls rolls - that is the half height of a classical longboard; and
the half energy used for the elevation/lowering of your body at accelerating.

* low standing platform for a self-stable position of the board. For riding the rolls rolls that means: stable rest position of the board and just as sturdy straight line run, clearly defined and direct steering and handling, no tilting, no wobbling on the ride. For the untrained one it is easy to learn. For experienced surfers it is a precision instrument for carving, cruising and speed.

* Wheel base of 35’’ (880mm), good straight line running at higher speed. At high rates the drivingdynamic limits are set by the adhesion of the wheels - the board itself remains stable.
* Light weight of the board 39oz (1.100g), the board remains portable despite its size.

* Highest stiffness around the longitudinal axis, for a precise steering even at higher rates.

* High-quality material carbon, for max. strength at lightest weight. Carbon does not fatigue (as wood does) - “a carbon board is an investment for lifetime”

* Aramid at the underside, if you grind over an obstacle.

Reviews of the rolls rolls Sportster.


Wheel base

35” (880 mm)

Track width

8” (204 mm)

Width of the standing platform, center

8” (200 mm)

Width of the standing platform, front

9” (230 mm)

Total length

38 1/2” (977 mm)

Height of standing platform to ground

2 1/2” (62 mm)

Max. height of wheel housing

7” (180 mm)



Weight of the carbon deck

39 oz (1.1 kg)

Weight of one truck

15 oz (424 g)

Weight of one wheel

11 oz (335 g)

Total weight

7.5 lb (3.4 kg)

All weights and measures for Randal trucks and 97mm wheels.
The rolls rolls is handmade and therefore subject to higher manufacturing tolerances than a machine made board. The specifications above, in particular the weight of the deck, is to be understood as approximate measures.

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