What makes a rolls rolls unique?

The low stand in connection with big diameter wheels results in maximum riding convenience at lowest energy input. The knees will suffer less from bending. The big wheels will supply a relaxed riding feeling even on a rough street surface. Mudguards protect the Saturday suit from splash water. Relaxation at riding the board, floating with ease this is a trait of rolls rolls boards.

Those properties are also welcome at long term operation. Therefore rolls rolls longboards are the unbeaten boards of world records in long distance skateboarding.

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The technique inside the body:

We designed a chassisless body for the purpose of a combination of a low standing platform and large wheels. The body is manufactured manually in approved aircraft technology. The materials are just as aviation-proven: carbon fabric and aramid fabric (aramid is better known under the trade name "kevlar"). You can see the carbon and aramid fabrics under transparent protection and sealing layers. We process these high-strength textile fabrics, because no other material has so high degree of strength and rigidity at so small dead weight. The body weighs about 39oz (1,100g) and resists tension loads in longitudinal direction more than 66,000lb (30,000 kg).

If we would have built the rolls rolls with same mechanical properties from wood, it would be about twice as heavy.

The yellow (with a golden brilliance) aramid-fibre woven with carbon fibres at the underside protects the structure of the body if the board grinds on obstacles. Aramid is one of the most wear-resistant materials. Protective gear and bulletproof vests are  manufactured from aramid (trade name "kevlar").

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