Dave skated a new worldrecord of 6,000 km cross Australia.

In the summer of 2006 a lone British longboarder, Dave Cornthwaite, has pushed off from Perth, Australia, with a world record 6,000 km of coastal road stretching ahead towards his final destination, Brisbaine.

Dave has warmed up for Australia by skating the length of Britain from northern Scotland to Lands' End in south-western England in May 2006. This was the distance of 1,300 km.

Meanwhile Dave is the UK representative of rolls rolls. He will support you if you like to ride long distances. You will reach Dave via his website boardfree.

Dave has written a book about his experiences of his tour in Australia. You can order it on his website boardfree.




Skating on a carbon fibre rolls rolls longboard, Wales-based Dave Cornthwaite was rolling the distance for three charities which lengthen, enrich and improve the lives of children worldwide: Lowe Syndrome Trust, Link Community Development and Sailability Australia.

For rolls rolls itís the 3rd worldrecord on long distances (other records). His board, he calls it Elsa, is a rolls rolls sportster without any modification. The board has this time a total mileage of 9,000 km.

Many Australians wanted to get in touch with Daveís board Elsa.